About Us

Who we are

Who we are

We are a group of experienced software engineers, each of us having 12+ years of SW development experience in the following areas: embedded Linux, RTOS, CUDA, C++, Python, Java, AWS, and machine learning.

What we do

What we do

We offer R&D services for your Autonomous Driving or IoT projects. We act as a private research group, and offer training services in areas related to AD: Machine Learning, RTOS and RT programming, IoT and AWS IoT, Cybersecurity, Embedded Linux, Advanced C++, Python, MicroPython.

How we teach

How we teach

We provide both on-site training as well as training in our IoT lab in Timisoara.
We think embedded / IoT training is a serious job and needs a proper laboratory with the right equipment.

Why Choose Us

  • Unique structure

    We are a group of SW engineers who, at some point in their career, have worked with at least one of the other colleagues. We made sure we build a "dream team", one in which everyone thinks that his colleague is the best in his area of expertise.

  • Always improving

    Even though we have more than 12 years of experience in the field, we never stop learning. We love our job, and we want you to love it, too!

  • Exceptional code quality

    We have an obsession to getting things done. The right way! Each pull request is accepted only when the quality is above the acceptance threshold.

  • Customers are happy

    The truth is we love what we're doing, and our customers think that, too. For our trainings, over 80% of the evalution marks are 9 and 10, on a scale from 1 to 10.
    Bellow you can find some testimonials from some of the participants to our trainings.


I would like to mention that Paul was one of the best teachers, knowing how to emphasize the most important parts of the course and spending enough time on them in order for us to understand the concepts. Moreover, he provided many practical examples and knew how to simply explain the concepts for our level of knowledge at that time, which helped us assimilate them easily. All these skills, together with the years of experience he has, make Paul one of the best trainers I met.

Participant, C++ for embedded systems

I liked the hands-on experience. The range of topics presented was wide and well structured: the entire training was a pleasure to attend: good material, immersive hands on examples, good pace, and a special thanks to the trainer for a job well done!

Participant, Advanced C++ topics

Well structured course. The trainer was very well prepared and with hands on experience and this was very nice to have, especially when responding to our targeted questions.

Participant, Practical IoT

The complexity of the course was exactly what I needed. I also liked the hands-on experience and one of the most interesting things for me was the mapped memory shared over the network and the sensor fusion problem with real time constraints.

Participant, Practical RTOS and RT programming

Latest news from the Lab

IIoT and machine learning projects

We started a couple of collaborations with some of the biggest names in the Industrial Software Solutions market. The most important topics are IIoT, QNX, embedded Linux, machine learning and cyber security. We will build together various solutions ranging from smart grids, wind farms, but also connected cars and autonomous driving.

Autoliv and Volvo DriveMe

We are proud to collaborate with Autoliv in the Volvo DriveMe project, an innovative project which aims to bring 100 Volvo XC90 cars in real traffic conditions near Göteborg, Sweden.

Practical RTOS and RT programming

We have finished the material for the Practical RTOS training. As part of the course we will implement a sensor network with realtime constraints. This is a hands-on course based on QNX where we provide a good mix of theory and practice.